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Custom-designed facility in Welshpool In 2013, we moved our workshop to a new 4500m² custom-designed facility, conveniently located at 42 Railway Parade Welshpool. We adapted the latest blast and paint technology, doubling our service capacity in the process. We also offer a specialised corrosion protection spray that achieves outstanding results. As industry leaders, we are consistently building our experience and keep our staff up to date with the latest technological advancements. This ensures that we always deliver exceptional products and services to all our clients, and that we can confidently undertake any project, both big and small.

For many years Living Iron has used TLC Surface Treatment as our paint finishing company of choice.

TLC Surface Treatment have consistently demonstrated their commitment to quality and customer service, enabling Living Iron’s work to be finished to a standard that meets project specifications and time frames.

Over the years TLC Surface Treatment have actively worked with us to solve technical issues and meet demanding timeframes on some challenging projects.

We are happy to recommend TLC Surface Treatment to any potential client.

Craig P, Living Iron

In the past 2.5 years that we have engaged your services as industrial painters, we have recommended you to all our clients due to the outstanding services that you provide to us. Not only is your work some of the best we have seen but you also rise to the challenge and deliver on unreasonable time requests. This is extremely rare in today’s business environment and also very much appreciated.

You and your team make us look good infront of our clients and will look no further when it comes to coating our steelworks.

Brad R, Roseworx

“Great Customer Service”

TLC have been coating our products for a number of years, in that time we have built a good relationship as we find them all very knowledgeable, helpful & most importantly the service is outstanding.

There has never been any issues with meeting our needs as they always do their best to accommodate. We will not hesitate  to recommend TLC.

Wanita M, D&L Lintels